Learn German Online with GermanPod101

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Learn German with German Pod

There’s now a great new way of learning German online.

It’s called GermanPod101.com.

Learn German Online with GermanPod101

GermanPod101 is a state-of-the-art way to learn German which is designed specifically to get you speaking modern everyday German right from the very first lesson.

If you’re interested in learning to speak modern German in a fun and easy way online and using your MP3-Player, then GermanPod101 is well worth checking out.

Learn German using your MP3-Player

The great thing about GermanPod101 is that it’s downloadable and split up into handy modules which you can load onto your MP3-Player. That means you can be learning German wherever you are and whenever you’re on the move. You can listen to the audio lessons on any MP3-player as well as straight from the GermanPod101.com website.

Learn modern German using lively, up-to-date content!

GermanPod101 provides you with fresh, up-to-date content which you can download at any time.

With GermanPod101 you learn German at your own pace and convenience by means of short, fun and effective audio podcast lessons. You get to learn relevant, real world German that people use in everyday life in the German speaking countries. GermanPod101 teaches you the daily language that people really use out on the streets, at work, at home, in real life. That’s something you don’t learn in a classroom.

All the course content is also provided in PDF document form together with lesson notes.

There are several hundred lesson units available, all grouped by level (beginner, upper beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced). You can choose the ones with the material that you find most interesting.

GermanPod101 is subscription based

GermanPod101.com is provided via a monthly subscription system with two levels to fit your learning needs and budget – Basic and Premium. This makes it inexpensive to join and it also gives you the flexibility to use as little or as much of GermanPod101 just as you wish and according to your budget.

There’s also a free level available, which lets you download all the latest lessons for the first two weeks after release.  After two weeks, the new lessons are available only for Basic and Premium subscribers.

In addition to the newest lessons being free, the first three lessons of every series remain free forever. So you can try out GermanPod101 without obligation first.

Try GermanPod101:  7-Days for FREE!

There’s a 7-Day Free Trial offer with no obligation which lets you test drive ALL the premium features.

There’s also a generous 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

GermanPod101 also offers it’s subscribers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are unsatisfied in any way – with no questions asked.

Over 101,000,000 GermanPod101 downloads!

To date there have been over 101,000,000 downloads of over 1000 different educational audio lessons, video lessons and iPhone applications of GermanPod101.

To sum up, GermanPod101 is a great way to learn German.  It’s flexible, with excellent modern course material and it’s state-of-the-art.  So if you”re looking for an enjoyable, affordable and up to date way to learn modern German, check out GermanPod101.

Visit the GermanPod101 site at www.GermanPod101.com now to take the FREE TOUR and see for yourself!

Click here to visit www.GermanPod101.com  

Learn German with German Pod

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